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Whoa, crazy.

At first when the guy with the blue hair was getting his ass kicked I was thinkin' "Damn, what's wrong with him? He's shitty paladin! Where's his Vitality?! Go get some vitality you shitty paladin...."

AND THEN! He was like BAM! And then he kicked that zombies ass, and he was overwhelmed with vitality... And he like... gained extra HP as well. Did he suddenly get pigeon earrings, or something? Like, wow, those give like +20HP to a paladin. And MAN OH MAN, if you have two of those bad boys, you'll be like uber paladin. But really, those pigeon earrings are like 200k gil each, not really worth it. =/ I'd go for the ones that give the extra vitality if you're subbing WAR as a latent effect... Y'know.

Sorry. =/

It was good for a number of reasons, and it was bad for a number of reasons...

First of all, I feel for your loss.

The narrating wasn't bad. The vocabulary could have been better.

The action scenes were good, but went by a bit too fast.

And lastly, the drawing... The style that you used for these animations is without a doubt EXACTLY like Hayao Miyazaki's. You either traced pictures from his films, and changed the hair/clothes/etc... or just have practiced drawing in his style.

The backgrounds were great, I had no problem with them. You're quite talented at drawing buildings and scenery.

I don't know what else to say... Keep it up?


Although I haven't seen DBZ in years, this was pretty amazing.

It was like an actual episode, without the boring delay scenes.
I'm not one to judge a submission just because it's Dragonball-related.

Keep it up.

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I love you how you actually have to level up in order to defeat some bosses. I've seen Flash RPGs, where every boss is beatable without doing jack shit!

This was really good, in my opinion... 5/5

The sounds that the people make when they die...

...are alot like the sounds that "Split Mushroom" makes in Mega Man X4. Or, maybe not... o_O

Anyway, it was an awesome little game... C'mon, who doesn't enjoy squishing little people with a giant car-thing?

Oh my god...

That's the music from Mario 64! I think it's the level on your way to Bowser. Anyway, it was an exceptional game! I learned new stuff playing it. Of course, my school is too lazy to teach us about proper health.

5/5 ( and 9.5/10)

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I've been looking for this song ALL over the internet... I can't believe it's on NG... Thank you SO much for making this... It's the best song from Doom EVER! And you've remixed it VERY nicely! ^_^

ninboy90 responds:

yeah thanx

My favourite MM7 song.

Awesome job, man. Love your stuff.

The Newgrounds ID "Half-Sanity", from now on will be holding the Triple Helix episodes. ENJOY.

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